Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Taste No Pain Review

When I first saw Sherry Brescia’s great taste no pain programme I must say that I was a bit suspect as to whether this was for real or just someone pushing another product trying to get your money.

There are people and companies out there that don’t live up to the promises they throw around. This is especially true when you are looking at products that are for your health, and if you are suffering with something such as Crohn's Disease, you can't afford to take chances on an unproven product.

I visited the great taste no pain website and signed up for the free "white paper" and was pleasantly surprised. I found a lot of solid principles based on combining foods and aiding digestion within the information provided.

The best thing about the free paper is that is gives you 4 days of menus so that you can have a good idea of what to expect when you receive the entire product. You may be able to notice a big difference if you follow the menus provided for the four days.

Most items that you find for free aren't actually worth anything, but with the great taste no pain white paper I was able to actually see how the product would work for me.

With one of every three adults in America taking some form of medication for digestive issues, am I the only one that sees it or does something not add up here?
One of the major problems is either the food you eat or the way that you combine that food at any one meal.

The Great Taste No Pain programme is designed to reduce the acid pH level in your body. When the foods that we eat - especially foods that are highly acidic - are not combined properly when consumed, it can contribute to developing Crohn's Disease.

By using the program you will learn to control the pH level by using food combination at each meal. Following the steps and sticking with the right food combinations you can see some big changes in your health and start to feel much better.

I have been a big fan of food combining for quite some time, I just wish that I had a resource such as great taste no pain back then to be able to save me a lot of time, money and also have great recipes and menus that are properly combined and taste great.

This program isn't really a diet per say, because you can still eat most of the foods that you enjoy eating - just not all in the same meal to ensure proper food combining.

You also need to be aware if you have any allergies to different types of foods so you can effectively modify the recipes to ensure that you won't suffer from any allergic reactions or have any other problems with the meal plan. Restricted diets due to food allergies are addressed in the program but many of the recipes will need to be changed based upon your personal needs.

With some creativity you can come up with other recipes that are based on the book but use ingredients that are friendly to your diet. While this can be a bit of a pain it is worth doing, as trying to start from scratch making recipes is a very time consuming process.

You will have no problem with customer service at Sherry’s site, every time that I have emailed them I have always had a speedy reply with the answer to my question/query.

There is also a 60 day money back guarantee, so if for any reason you don’t like the programme or it doesn’t work you can get your money refunded very easily.